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The FitnessGenes saliva-based COVID-19 test is a health screening test and NOT A DIAGNOSTIC TEST. A diagnostic test is a test that determines whether a condition is present with 100% accuracy. Screening tests are not considered diagnostic, but are used to identify those individuals who should have additional testing to determine the presence or absence of disease. A screening test is typically performed as a preventative measure – to detect potential disease in someone that doesn’t yet have signsor symptoms.

NO GUARANTEE ON TEST TURNAROUND TIME: Unfortunately we cannot provide an absolute guarantee that your results will be ready within a specific timeframe. Turnaround times are dependent on current laboratory capacity and we may experience delays during periods of extreme demand. In addition, in a small proportion of cases, test results may be inconclusive and require re-testing, which can extend the time to confirm a result. We cannot be held liable for any losses you might incur as a result of your test result not being available within a specific period, including outcomes relating to travel or quarantine. All customers purchasing these tests must use their own judgement about the best date to purchase, carry out and return the test to us.